900 Global XPonent
Reserve Blend 701 Solid
Factory finish
4000-grit Abralon
Midnight / Cyan
Core (15 lb)
Shrapnel 2.0
R.G. / Differential / Bias
16 lb2.4800.0410.000
15 lb2.4800.0420.000
14 lb2.4900.0420.000
13 lb2.5900.0450.000
12 lb2.6500.0350.000
Release date
July 28, 2023
Balls with the same cover
This is the only ball in the Bowlidex with the Reserve Blend 701 Solid cover.
Balls with the same core
These balls have the same 15-lb Shrapnel 2.0 core as the XPonent:
900 Global Ordnance C4Ordnance C4
900 Global
Nov 27, 2020
From the manufacturer

The XPonent is going to be the perfect first ball out of the bag and benchmark piece within the Global line! This ball features a hand-crafted mix of older and newer technology. The ALL-NEW Reserve Blend 701 Cover has been paired with the Shrapnel 2.0 Symmetric Core to create an optimal shape on medium conditions.

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