Radical Counter Attack Solid
Ai-20 Solid
Factory finish
500/1000/3000 Siaair
Core (15 lb)
Rack Attack 2
R.G. / Differential / Bias
16 lb2.5620.0230.000
15 lb2.5750.0230.000
14 lb2.5910.0230.000
13 lb2.5850.0400.000
12 lb2.6080.0400.000
Release date
July 2, 2019
Balls with the same cover
This is the only ball in the Bowlidex with the Ai-20 Solid cover.
Balls with the same core
These balls have the same 15-lb Rack Attack 2 core as the Counter Attack Solid:
Radical Counter Attack PearlCounter Attack Pearl
Jul 2, 2019
From the manufacturer

The Counter Attacks cover uses the Ai-20 formulation, it is the same exact cover formulation used in the original Rack Attacks. The core design is very similar, we have made a few subtle changes in order to enhance the continuation through the pins making a better version of the original Rack Attacks.

Official site
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