Radical Sneak Attack Solid
MTS-1 Solid
Factory finish
500/1500/3000 Siaair
Dark Blue
Core (15 lb)
Sneak Attack
R.G. / Differential / Bias
16 lb2.5490.0310.000
15 lb2.5440.0360.000
14 lb2.5610.0360.000
13 lb2.5740.0400.000
12 lb2.5970.0400.000
Release date
June 22, 2023
Balls with the same cover
This is the only ball in the Bowlidex with the MTS-1 Solid cover.
Balls with the same core
These balls have the same 15-lb Sneak Attack core as the Sneak Attack Solid:
Radical Sneak AttackSneak Attack
May 27, 2022
From the manufacturer

The Sneak Attack Solid uses the MTS-1 cover, we have added more traction giving you more options in the EZ-Use category. The EZ-Use performance is ideal on drier patterns or when less flare is needed. The RG is 2.544, and the DIFF is 0.036.

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