Roto Grip Wreck-It
Psyched Hybrid
Factory finish
3000-grit Pad
Gold / White / Black
Core (15 lb)
R.G. / Differential / Bias
16 lb2.5600.0460.000
15 lb2.5500.0420.000
14 lb2.5900.0440.000
13 lb2.6300.0090.000
12 lb2.6500.0110.000
11 lb2.7300.0120.000
10 lb2.7700.0150.000
Release date
August 2, 2016
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Roto Grip
Nov 24, 2017
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Jan 8, 2013
From the manufacturer

If there is potential for action, count me in. My solid Neutron™ Core propels my strong, steady motion, and my all-new Psyched™ Hybrid Reactive Coverstock pulls it all together for a solid finish. Built for any level of play, I’m proof that great performance doesn’t have to break the bank.

My Neutron™ Core is all about strong down-lane motion. With a 2.55 RG / .042 differential shape, I’ve got all that I need to produce a good amount of wreckage.

My all-new Psyched™ Hybrid Reactive Coverstock uses strength and response to bring versatility to an entirely new level. Formulated to create stronger traction in oil and respond stronger to friction, I dare anyone to step into my house on medium to medium-light oil conditions. I was built to battle and conquer!

I come out of the box at a 3000-grit pad finish, and that explains why I have more down lane reaction into the pins. Similar to my relative, the Wrecker™, I sport just a little more attitude. We all have our place in this game, some of us just prefer to finish strong.

Retired. This ball is no longer produced by the manufacturer, but it may still be available at pro shops and online retailers in limited weights.

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