900 Global Flux Pearl
S72R Pearl
Factory finish
1500-grit Polish
Core (15 lb)
R.G. / Differential / Bias
16 lb2.5200.0500.020
15 lb2.5500.0480.014
14 lb2.6200.0220.008
13 lb2.6000.0400.008
12 lb2.6200.0400.008
Release date
March 10, 2020
Balls with the same cover
These balls have the same S72R Pearl cover as the Flux Pearl:
NameCore (15 lb)Released
900 Global VoltVolt
900 Global
Jul 16, 2019
Balls with the same core
These balls have the same 15-lb Amplify core as the Flux Pearl:
900 Global FluxFlux
900 Global
Jul 16, 2019
From the manufacturer

The Flux™ Pearl features a modification to the successful S72R™ Cover-stock combined with a high performance 2-piece core!

The S72R™ Pearl Cover-stock utilizes the same base formulation as the S72™ Cover-stock. However, we have added a catalyst that will greatly increase the performance on the backend. The Flux™ Pearl will offer the most backend within the Tour Engineered Line!

The Amplify™ Core was designed with maximum energy retention in mind at the most precise time during motion. By adding a flip block to the bottom of the core, we increased the differential by over 10% had we not used one. Being a true 2-piece core, the Flux™ Pearl will increase the total COR, thus giving you livelier pin action!