Roto Grip Gem
MicroTrax Solid
Factory finish
2000 Abralon
Citrine / Ruby / Amethyst
Core (15 lb)
Defiant LRG
R.G. / Differential / Bias
16 lb2.4700.0510.016
15 lb2.4700.0530.016
14 lb2.5000.0520.015
13 lb2.5700.0320.010
12 lb2.5900.0290.008
Release date
March 11, 2022
Balls with the same cover
This is the only ball in the Bowlidex with the MicroTrax Solid cover.
Balls with the same core
This is the only ball in the Bowlidex with the Defiant LRG core.
From the manufacturer

Brilliant. Extraordinary. Magnificent. Call it what you will, but we prefer to call this beauty exactly what it is, a GEM™. Not only will its breathtakingly good looks mesmerize your competition, but its overall performance will as well thanks to the inner treasure known as the Defiant™ LRG Core - (the lowest RG asymmetrical core Roto Grip has ever created.) Which means this is by far the fastest revving asymmetrical core we have ever produced. And well, we couldn’t just stop there, so we wrapped this monstrosity of a core with the most aggressive solid coverstock we make known as MicroTrax™ Solid Reactive. Making this ball dazzle on those Heavier Oil Conditions.

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