Roto Grip No Rules Pearl
Amped Pearl
Factory finish
1500-grit Polish
Onyx / Neon Green / Silver
Core (15 lb)
R.G. / Differential / Bias
16 lb2.5000.0520.017
15 lb2.5100.0530.018
14 lb2.5500.0480.016
13 lb2.5700.0320.010
12 lb2.5900.0290.008
Release date
January 10, 2017
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From the manufacturer

The brink of disaster is my playground and path to greatness. My Chaotic™ core unleashed a revolution like the world has never seen, and now it’s sheathed in my all-new Amped™ pearl coverstock for the most dynamic skid/flip ever. So c’mon out and play. I dare you.

Differential stability, consistent axis migration and defined RG bands twist my throttle as I charge the lane. The result is a dynamic, unstoppable power that fuels my need for pure adrenaline.

My new Amped™ pearl coverstock takes the skid/flip reaction to new heights, structurally stronger and more pliable than anything that came before it. I clear the front with ease, grabbing the backend like a slingshot through the pins.

I arrive with a 1,500-grit factory polish to help me get through the front of the lane, but if conditions get a little sloppy, go ahead and give me a light sanding for a little extra grip or to soften my snap.

Retired. This ball is no longer produced by the manufacturer, but it may still be available at pro shops and online retailers in limited weights.

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